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Terms and conditions

(The not so) Smallprint

These are the terms and conditions (t&cs) under which clients can use this site or employ Dot & Cross Proofreading's services. Acceptance of the t&cs: by using this service, you accept all of the t&cs listed on this page.

Content of submitted or created materials: Dot & Cross Proofreading does not endorse, recommend or support the content of any documents provided by or for the client. Clients are advised that plagiarism and the breach of copyright are serious offences. Dot & Cross Proofreading assumes no responsibility or liability for the infringement of third party copyright in the content of said documents. Dot & Cross Proofreading is also not liable or responsible for any damage to computer hardware or software arising from the distribution of a computer virus.
Ownership and copyright over submitted or created materials: the client retains sole copyright, ownership and control over all materials submitted to Dot & Cross Proofreading for proofreading.
Service quality and standards: all documents are proofread to a high and exacting standard, however, Dot & Cross Proofreading provides no guarantee that the client's work will be error free. Furthermore, Dot & Cross Proofreading is not responsible for delays in service as a result of technical problems or other unforeseen circumstances. 
Accuracy of client information: the client must provide true and accurate information with respect to their name, address, email address, phone number and all payment details. Failure to provide correct and accurate information will result in a denial of service. The client assumes all responsibility for any problems, errors and issues, as well as legal liability, resulting from such false information. All information submitted by the client is confidential.
Financial fraud or theft: Dot & Cross Proofreading is not liable for the fraudulent use of any credit card or other payment method used to purchase Dot & Cross Proofreading's services.

Invoices: Dot & Cross Proofreading understands and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

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