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Meet the team

Becky Ashwell


In my previous employed life I worked in export departments, using my eye for detail to check documents such as letters of credit - if they didn't say what they were supposed to say, then that customer in the Middle East was not going to receive the container load of sinks they'd ordered...important stuff. 
Then redundancy reared its ugly head, two children came along, and I chose to use my error-spotting talents to work for myself as a proofreader.
And so that's where Dot & Cross Proofreading came into being in 2008.


Molly the cockapoo

Chief cup carrier

Molly is 10 years old (at time of writing in April 2024) and her role involves finding and carrying discarded cups while out on walks, making sure I'm is never truly working alone (she's my shadow), hearing noises that no other human can hear (and barking to alert said human), providing warmth (by sitting on my knee if I choose to work from the sofa) and joining in on Zoom calls.

Molly can also be followed on our Instagram page dotandcrossuk

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